Thermoptim environments facilitate the modelling (with easy to use interfaces) and make it secure through the error risks minimization during the models definition. (This is due to the existing links automation between the various components, to the automatic generation of equations, to the tests of consistency...).


Modeling thermodynamic systems however remains a very difficult task for many reasons, such as:

  • discipline involves some basic concepts difficult to master as internal energy, enthalpy and entropy;
  • the required calculations are almost always complex, both formal and numerical, including closed system;
  • laws even the simplest are highly nonlinear.


To support users of the software, many digital learning resources have been developed and are now gathered in the Thermoptim-UNIT portal.


For the study of more complex energy systems, users non-specialist in applied thermodynamics often encounter the need to be advised by experts, or even wish to outsource their models.


The Company Setec energy solutions has set up a partnership with S4E2 to provide Thermoptim users with its expertise in this field.