To begin with Thermoptim, two solutions are possible:

Videos are also available, but uniquely in French (see French page).


To learn how to model energy systems with Thermoptim, we suggest to follow Thermoptim's guided explorations.

Guided explorations (GE) are activities of discovery and initiation by exploration of predefined models.

Two ways of using these GEs are possible, either offline directly on the learner's computer or online.

In the first case, the scenario is presented in a particular browser capable of emulating Thermoptim, while in the second case, it is a classic browser, the demo version of the software package allowing to do all the exercises.

By having learners work with these GEs, we ensure that they do not waste time on handling errors that are not of pedagogical interest, which is essential if their work is to be carried out in the always limited time of a course. This greatly reduces the risk of errors, and if they do occur, all they have to do is reset the browser and Thermoptim.

Subsequently, if a learner is required to build models with Thermoptim on his own, he will do so with much greater ease if he has studied these GEs because he will have become familiar with the screens of the software package.

A presentation of the GEs is given on this page, the download links being available on this site.